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  • mike.t.dixon commented on Vulcaman's instructable DIY-SLS-3D-Printer1 year ago

    This is probably something most people don't want to do. but... if you spend a little time you can pretty easily mill your own powders... i built a large tumbler, using a 5 gallon bucket with a water tight lid (has an O-ring), some 2x4, a few bits of 8mm rod, couple bearings, and a large AC motor off eBay. you can whip your self up a 5 gallon ball mill... using some cheep steel ball bearings of your choice from eBay, (i use 1/4) and some abs, pla, nylon (or what ever you chose) pellets which are cheap and easy to get (again eBay) toss a couple pounds in there with your bearings and let it run until you get the size you want.

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