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  • mister_cranky commented on afajarito's instructable DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand2 years ago
    DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand

    Thanks afajarito! I finally got mine built :) I found that Officeworks sell the PA speaker stands new for $AUD 28.001" Galv pipe was tricky to find. Eventually found some at an irrigation supplier.However, the pipe wall thickness really called for some thinning down. To accommodate the 3/4" pipe slotted inside the 1" pipe, i used my Dremel with a small grinding wheel that fit perfectly inside the 1" pipe. For the 1" pipe that connects the T piece to the tripod, I made up a DIY lathe using my grinder, drill and some bits of timber to remove about 1mm. The stand works very well, complements to you afajarito!Perth, Western Australia.

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