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i am a fresh embedded engineer
  • mohandhanush25 commented on 陳亮's instructable Nano ESP32 BLE Scanner8 months ago
    Nano ESP32 BLE Scanner

    after this setup, can i connect sd card module directly with wroom32 pins of miso,mosi. will it work the same way which worked in development board??

    can you please tell me how to program wroom32 module with arduino using usb to ttl connector

    i also did the same you did,i am using esp wroom32 form lolin32 development board.i connected sd card reader with that board and i programming using project is it scans the nearby ble devices and store the datas with time form the server(NTP) and store those values in txt file in sd card and after some time the txt file is send to the server..i completed in development how to repeat the same in custom pcb??.can you please help me

    ok without dev dock. can i program wroom32 module with arduino??

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  • DIY ESP32 Development Board - ESPer

    how to add sd card module with this project

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