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  • munchdog commented on kazmataz's instructable The Golden Key2 years ago
    The Golden Key

    Yeah, I was forever hitting the 'tilde' key instead of the '1' key in battles, so I used a stick on round cabinet door bumper on the offending key. Now I can locate my fingers without looking down. For all other uses, paint would be a nice aesthetic...

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  • munchdog commented on artworker's instructable Recycle egg cartons into fire starter2 years ago
    Recycle egg cartons into fire starter

    Not the petro based plastic type, the recycled cardboard ones. Shredded and mixed with melted wax, they'll burn long enough to actually cook on as well as start your fires.

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  • DIY 12 Volt On-Demand Water Pump System

    We just throw a line over a tree limb and haul up a simple block and tackle hooked to a pail with a vented snap lid and a drain hose hanging down. Plenty of pressure and easy to refill. If you're not that mechanical just drill a big hole in the lid and siphon down to a valve, an old garden hose works too.

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  • Quick and easy EasyUp portable tent anchoring

    We had a problem with wind and used old paint buckets filled with bricks, (Dad saves everything) but we put duct tape on the lower parts of the poles (reversed) and used velcro tape to secure the bails. Really cheaped out but it worked, neighbors tent blew down but ours stayed put.

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  • munchdog commented on MichaelJ17's instructable Rope Bed2 years ago
    Rope Bed

    That looks roomier than our usual camp beds. We make two x's out of two inch poles, lay an eight foot pole on top and a ten foot on the bottom, then string a backpack hammock between the x's. A tarp for rain and you're camping lite. Will have to try your method with an inflatable mattress.

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  • Light up your tent with Sugru, magnets & a bottle cap!

    Sticky back velcro works pretty good too, like the magnet idea though.

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  • munchdog commented on ctx1985's instructable Restoring A Vintage Cooler2 years ago
    Restoring A Vintage Cooler

    Just cut out the old drain and pick up a tube and lever plug replacement. If you're gonna repaint this guy, you just need to rough sand the old paint and use a decent primer to fill in the scratches. Trick is to let it dry and wet sand it, prime, wet sand, prime, sand and paint. Two or three coats w/without clearcoat will last years.

    Clean with alcohol and lightly scuff with steel wool (000 fine) dust off any residue and spray with semi gloss. Gloss on old finish will just look weird, flat will be too dull. Two or three coats will give you years of happy service.

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  • munchdog commented on Natalina's instructable Make a Tent Footprint2 years ago
    Make a Tent Footprint

    Great for arid locales, but up here in the North East it gets wet whether you like it or not, so a couple of cheap inflatable pool rafts on a ground cloth, plus the usual overhead tarp will keep you dry and comfy even in the lovely pattering rain.

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  • munchdog commented on trike road poet's instructable The Nan Stove2 years ago
    The Nan Stove

    A simple wire coat hanger frame will clip on top and support a small pot without the need for added grills or weight. This is almost identical to the alcohol units on my sailboat galley stove, just square and taller. Suckers burned forever.

    Iso heet is methanol, very clean synthetic alcohol (poisonous to drink), that burns clean. Hardware pure alcohol paint thinner worked well for me too. Cheaper in bulk than the automotive gasoline de-watering additive.

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  • munchdog commented on KresimirPregernik's instructable Tent Small Rocket Stove KP2 years ago
    Tent Small Rocket Stove KP

    Mapp or propane fired ceramic zero draft combustion heaters will provide more heat than needed in a tent or trailer. Commercial models come with low oxygen sensors, so I applaud your labors but would spring for safer professional units.

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