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  • natashajulia949 commented on scoochmaroo's instructable How to Break Up3 years ago
    How to Break Up

    im sure if you contact the guy that helped me track my husband he find a way of helping you with all you need

    he might be up to something and thinks he his smart about it, my husband act like everything is good even when we both know all isnt good, even when i pick a fight with him he wouldnt say nothing he would just walk out. he totally neglects me, i knew he was seeing other women thatsbwhy i dont count, i cant access anything of his and he doesnt leave any clue for me. i had to use the help of an hacker to get his chats, messages email id and password even his phone book contacts and track his location when i dicoveredhe actually has a son by another woman. you might want to try him contact tell him tasha refered you. at least he helped me move and im wey happier

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