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  • nathan_nathaniel commented on matta26's instructable Authentic BBQ Ribs - Low and Slow2 years ago
    Authentic BBQ Ribs - Low and Slow

    This is a terrific recipe! Excellent taste! However, unless your racks of ribs are as skinny as those in the photos, the times suggested will NOT result in tender ribs. I have now done this recipe 3 times. Today, my ribs will have been on the BBQ (at 240F) for a total of 7+ hours. They are cooked, finally, but not super tender. I had my best result when I left the cooked ribs in the fridge overnight, then slowly reheated them. This was the only time the ribs were "pull apart." (The racks I am cooking today are about 1.5 inches at the thickest part.)

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