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  • Don't think you want to grow veggies using pressure treated wood. I made similar beds using cedar fence and stakes at my local HD. Cedar is weather resistant and you don't have to worry about the leeching of harmful chemicals into the soil and crops. I do like your reinforcement though.

    I built 3 boxes with the cedar fencing and stakes and screws and plastic landscape liner, mulch on the bottom and dirt for under $80. I left the stakes tall for points of attachement when I started growing seeds, I can cover for frost, also can attach fencing mesh to help plants grow or keep out critters.Will be making 3 more for next year.

    You can make a raised flower bed. I wouldn't use it for edible crop, the stuff they use to preserve is nothing I would want to ingest in any way.Here is a link I used when I was researching it in the spring. I wanted to make one with pallet wood-but that can be treated as well.

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  • You should never use oil based products for burns because it will actually retain the heat of the burn and cause more irritation. You can apply Vaseline to help moisturize it after it has already cooled down, but you don't want to put Vaseline on a fresh burn ever.

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  • The link for calculations are not working. Can you provide calculation or link again? Thank you.

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