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  • It's a bacteria, most all bacteria are killed by heat or bleach. Already people are dying in Haiti due to cholera (after hurricane Matthew), contaminated water most likely. Haiti was mostly cholera free before the earthquake that devastated the country years ago, rumor has it that aid workers brought in a strain from the far east. Flooding that affects your septic tank, outhouse or other in-ground septic system is a major concern if you drink the untreated water downstream. You may have a good setup for human/animal waste, what about the folks further up the watershed? That being said, we used to play in the creek downstream of a pig farm in the 1960's with little effect. Until our mothers found out!

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  • if you compost the human waste properly, the heat of the composting would kill the bacteria. That does take a little planning though, and time. Also, you can only contaminate the compost with cholera, etc if you have the disease, which you would hopefully notice beforehand. Get your shots, people!

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  • nealbirch commented on sixsmith's instructable Dirt Cheap Charcoal

    if the can you pick up is galvanized, beware of zinc fumes!

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