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  • I just can't see your comment on the instructable and what you're referring to, but it's most likely the car alarm. I almost did it, then did a test on how battery life would be, 2.600 mah it lasted 20 hours, so I'm a bit reserved on how this will affect my car battery so I never did finish it completely :(

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  • Here's how mine is set:VCC to 3.3VGND to GNDSCL to 13 (BMO_SCK)SDA to 11 (BMP_MOSI)CSB to 10 (BMP_CS)SDO to 12 (BMP_MISO)Believe it or not I think I went trough every possible combination to figure out what goes where ... I used some online site to give me all possible combos of 4 items and went trough them all ...

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