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  • Use Arduino Due to program and test ESP8266

    Alright I have officially tried everything and the conclusion that I am running into is that this is no longer a viable way to program the esp8266 and on top of that I dont think there is support for the esp8266 01. I could be wrong I hope I am but It just is not working. I have worked on this all day but I cant get it. I tried the 1.6.1 ide but I think the problem is the esp8266 core that you used is not gone, I cant find any older versions anymore. It really stinks tho this would have been a great way to program my esp8266. |: if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

    I was wondering if maybe you could update this tutorial I am trying to do this very thing and It wont work because esptool is no longer an option for a programmer.

    How did you add the board support for the arduino 1.6.1 I have always used the boards manager

    Has anyone figured this out yet?? I am running into this problem now as well

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  • newSogn commented on diy_bloke's instructable Mini weather station with Attiny853 years ago
    Mini weather station with Attiny85

    Hello,I like the tutorial. I was wondering if you wanted to send the data in the array with the manchester library.

    Right I got that but what about the receiver code

    Hello,So I was wondering if you had wanted to send the data in an array with the manchester library how would you have done that?

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  • Attiny85 RF Transmitter to Arduino Uno Receiver (Manchester library /w Arduino 1.0)

    So the attiny code used that works with the manchester library does not work with the 1.6.7 that I prefer running. does anyone know of attiny code programmer that will work with both the manchester library and the 1.6.7 ide?

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