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  • nrsmere commented on tubular's instructable How to Go No Poo3 years ago
    How to Go No Poo

    Since I have gone "no-poo" back in July 2015, the frizziness of my hair has really decreased. That is a big deal when you live in Virginia & the humidity level is always high.

    I color my hair red (garnier nutrisse) from home. I have only used baking soda & vinegar & have had ZERO problems. We are all different & will have different reactions. The same train of thought applies to everything. Why am I allergic to one medication, but my children are not. I suggest giving it a whirl maybe on an underneath section before writing it completely off. Good luck!

    I pour a little at a time on different parts of my hair so I can really work it into my scalp. Ive been doing since July & still have to do it every 3 or 4 days. I also still use product for styling. Also Ive read you are supposed to be brushing with a fine comb/brush to evenly distribute the oils in your hair. Good luck!

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