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  • nutley commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight1 year ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    YES propaganda does have everything to do with food. This is why they push cereal for breakfast on children. It gives them a carb crash which makes it harder for them to learn. The gov't actually prefers that most people be stupid for the military.

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  • nutley commented on hodgepodgerama's instructable Porch-Swing Fire Pit2 years ago
    Porch-Swing Fire Pit

    Backyard burning isn't an anti-Big Brother, freedom thing, it's a smoke nuisance for others. If you want to cook a hamburger in the daylight that's okay, but when the sun goes down, burning is alcoholism.

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  • nutley commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap2 years ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    Honey bees aren't even native to North America, they are from Europe. Plus there's loads of night time pollinators in No. America like moths et. al. This bee thing is scare mongering propaganda. You do enough scare mongering with enough varied topics and you can rile up a population of people.

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  • nutley commented on bricobart's instructable Bath tub makeover2 years ago
    Bath tub makeover

    Don't forget fire pits are a smoke nuisance for your neighbors. Use for cooking, NOT for drinking and staring at the embers until the wee hours.

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  • nutley commented on Lextone's instructable Superglue Hack!2 years ago
    Superglue Hack!

    There's something called gaffer tape that might work. You must use gaffer tape though not duct tape. Also called silage tape that farmers use. Used to repair blue tarps that have fallen apart in the sun. The tape lasts longer than the blue tarp. Duct tape won't work the adhesive is cheap; gaffer tape is a rubber adhesive. It comes in diff. colors too.

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