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  • oldersir18 commented on DonS89's instructable Making a Keep-Warm Box6 months ago
    Making a Keep-Warm Box

    On the other hand there is a fair possibility you did not in fact lose them. A good chance that if you had let them thaw, then shook the bejeesus out of them for awhile, they would all have been usable. Or, you could just have taken them in the house beforehand. In the cold I do my glueups in the house, overnight in an unheated shop would weaken the glue joint. I keep my acrylic paints in the house, I don't paint large objects, and besides keeping the paint warm, it is much handier painting in the house. I only keep my glue in my shop during warm weather. Never have problems losing either, and didn't spend anything on preserving them. Always remember, K.I.S.S.

    I am in North Carolina. I don't bring my paints inside, they are kept inside, year round, I do not paint in my shop, except when I paint a power tool. Don't know about you, but $100 worth of paint and glue is a sizeable amount of money.

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  • How to Burn & Stain Wood Aka Shou Sugi Ban

    The problem of learning off of youtube is, most of those guys learned off of youtube. There are easier, and as good as, or better, methods than this one. I didn't come up with any of the methods I use off of youtube either. It ain't what you're told, it's what you know.

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  • oldersir18 commented on garrettmikesmith's instructable Pipe Cannon11 months ago