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Unique design, carefully handcrafted passive omnidirectional TV antennas pick up over the air signals coming from any direction within 50+ miles radius from TV transmitters without amplifier. It's ideal for people who live in areas where signals come from different directions. If you live between two large cities our antennas will pick up signals from both cities, allowing you to have more HDTV programming choices. With our omnidirectional antennas you will receive more channels than with a s... Read More »
  • omnitenna commented on HollyMann's instructable Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna1 year ago
    Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna

    This TV antenna design might be efficient or powerful, however it isn't modern. It's based in a vintage or eclectic art deco bowtie style dated back from the 1950s!

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  • omnitenna commented on rbodell's instructable Homemade TV Antenna1 year ago
    Homemade TV Antenna

    Although this antenna is technically omnidirectional, or capable of picking up signals coming from any direction, it shows some directionality, specially for the higher frequencies found on the UHF band. The reason for this is that TV signals are horizontally polarized, they propagate horizontally, also the antenna inherent design limitation plays an important role. All omni antennas have these limitations. Due to these factors and many others, there isn't such thing as a 100% omnidirectional TV antenna.

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