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      • Repair Dead COB LED Light Bulbs
      • Toothpaste Transfer Tool
      • Plastic Repairs (Gas Tank Example)
  • oneglimmer. commented on mrstan's instructable Repair Dead COB LED Light Bulbs1 year ago
    Repair Dead COB LED Light Bulbs

    Very strange type of cob, ive used them for years on my cars but just getting tired of having to replace them. They have a type of silicone coating and i shaved some off to see the chip and they are just little copper/brass dots so it seems the silicone makes the circuit to produce light. literally no chip to remove or any resistor like you see on the smd type lights they are virtually flat . My only thought is maybe the little transformer/driver might be letting voltage slightly higher than they can handle etc I still cant even see what blows.

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