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  • Spot Welder for Lithium-ion 18650 Battery Tutorial

    Much better to use a $2 motorbike starter relay (eBay)... although rated at 80A they can handle 1000A no problem if in a short pulse ... I've used one for 1000's of welds

    Really no need for that expensive capacitor with the necessity of waiting for it to charge up each time ... a slightly bigger lithium pack will deliver enough current and can be used on its own ... or any 12V car battery.... vary the length /thickness of the cable to set the current to the right level ...once set , no need to change again.

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  • This Footstool Is a Better Way to Use the Toilet

    It's true , it works... I have a ceramic squatting toilet , common in Africa and Asia , not easy to find in western countries (import opportunity, there must be a market for these in the west) .If ever I find myself having to use a western toilet pictured above , I put the seat up and my (bare) feet are on the bowl so I can squat.The wooden stool in this article will only give you half the benefits of a full squatting position , best to practice this posture , it is a yoga asana , and not easy if you haven't practiced it.

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