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  • parumal24 commented on FamousMods's instructable Pixel Drop Ceiling3 years ago
    Pixel Drop Ceiling

    Also please, Link says 20 pcs 3pc rgb, if i am not wrong does that means that each pc from 20pc has 3 pcs, so total 60 pcs.. For 10 by 10 feet room, as per your design, i will need 100 pcs(total 300pc considering inside, is it right ? So total i need 5 power supply(12v). Also curious about the brightness. Since this room is in Nightclub.

    HiI am confused on the above, You say each module has 3 leds, and the link you gave has 20 pieces. How is this. I am new and didnt understand on the link that what is 3pc rgb means when it has total 20pcs. Also how many power supply i need? I have 10 by 10 feet room and i used 2 by 2 feet ceiling tiles.

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