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  • pbloom5 made the instructable Comfortable Outdoor Couch2 years ago
    Comfortable Outdoor Couch

    I really liked the design of this outdoor soft. So, I decided to star with a chair version of it. All of the measurements were the same except the width. My cushion is 23" wide so I made my width of the front and back support 30 1/2". This chair is extreemly sturdy. It would easily hold a 300lb person. I am going to finish this chair as is with a brown paint to accent the cushion. I will make another chair and a sofa as well and will post their pictures as well. One change I will make on the 2nd chair is to make the back rest support be flush with the chair arms. Currently the back rest support sits on top of the arms. I will see if there is any compromise in the stability. Overall, I love this design and ease in making this. Thank you impaco3.

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