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  • pddonovan2011 made the instructable Pallet Breaker
    Pallet Breaker

    I took one look at this GREAT Idea dn thought, "Man, the pallets I get, where I work, would eat this piece for Lunch! I gotta build a beefier version" This Beast is the result!

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  • NOW, I know what to do about covering the bed of my Truck! Cab high, too boring. Full size camper, too wide/heavy. There are kits to weatherstrip/seal the tailgate, one of those kits and this type of custom camper shell and at the very least, you are not sleeping on the ground. THAT is what the Teardrop Trailer was all about. I have the same problem, I love to build, I need a shell for the back of my truck, I don't see anything 'mass produced' that appeals to me and the are ALL too expensive. Truly a great 'Instructable', I really enjoyed reading this one! Thank you!

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  • I used 3in1 oil, it squeezes out and dries better that Petroleum Jelly. If you NEVER want the handle cover to slip/come off. Gasoline works well but you have to work quickly! When you work on garbage trucks, the home made handles are more robust and take more abuse. A new product, Fiber Fix, makes a great outer cover and has really great 'grip!'

    Very Nice, the homemade handles are always the best!

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  • Synthetic Lubrication does not dry up, is far superior to petroleum and treats the metal as it lubricates, ultra high temperature, excellent water dispersant properties and, because you'll need it is small quantities, is perfect for VAWT style wind turbines! (VAWT = Vertical Axis Wind Turbine!)

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  • Listerine, the old fashioned, terrible tasting stuff that comes wrapped with paper in a glass bottle. 50/50 distilled water and Listerine in a spray bottle. Hold over the jeans and aim the spray so the spray FALLS onto the Jeans. Spray two sides of leg aligned jeans. Roll up the Jeans place into a BLACK trash bag and place the bag on the dash of your parked car for a hour. Cheapest, cleanest, way to clean Jeans! They will, almost, never lose color or shape! Listerine is powerful stuff, has been for almost a century!

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