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Licensed Master Electrician. Almost retired Chief Petty Officer (Electronics Technician). FAA employee.
  • petey_c commented on wintergoat's instructable Properly Splice Aluminum Wire3 years ago
    Properly Splice Aluminum Wire

    Wintergoat, I just realized that this is from two years ago, but I'll respond anyway. The first thing you should mention is make sure the power is off before you start working. This is a good general rule and should apply to any electrical job (even if you're a pro). In your photo you show needle nose pliers. Using linesman's pliers is easier. There's more surface area. You won't have to stick the wires as far down on them as you would the needle nose pliers. The purple wire nuts are UL listed and approved. Is any method perfect (maybe other than exothermic welds)? Probably not. Thanks and good luck.

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  • petey_c commented on technoclave's instructable Homebrew Glove Box3 years ago
    Homebrew Glove Box

    Ok, I was wondering why your brews are overflowing like that. How big of a batch did you make? How much priming sugar did you use? How do these beers taste? Any off flavors? What type of beer did you brew? I've been brewing about six years now.

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