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  • phdegnan commented on WickedMakers's instructable Ultimate DIY Fog Chiller11 months ago
    Ultimate DIY Fog Chiller

    Back in the day for high school stage productions we would rent dry ice foggers from a local theater supply company. These consisted of a 50 gallon drum which would be filled 1/3- 1/2 with water that would be heated by a submersible heating element in the base. The drum had a hatch in the top of the drum which was used to load dry ice into a basket that could be raised and lowered in and out of the water. Towards the top were two ports which dryer vent tubes would be attached. The final element was a fan also in the lid, which would blow air in, forcing the fog out the tubes. With two of these we could fill a stage with 2ft of fog in about 5 minutes.

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  • Measuring Bacterial Growth by Quantitative Chloroplast Estimation

    I agree that this is a useful post but seeing as it is science-based it may be worth editing it slightly. Cyanobacteria do not have chloroplasts. Only certain Eukaryotes (cells with nuclei) have chloroplasts (e.g., algae, land plants). see: As your final step correctly indicates you are measuring the total amount of chlorophyll liberated during the MeOH treatment.

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  • phdegnan commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Fancy Wooden Toilet Stool3 years ago
    Fancy Wooden Toilet Stool

    Jon,Dig the design - plans and tips were useful. Found a 12" x 5' plank of poplar at the hardware store. No gluing up required. I used 2 coats of an all-weather satin poly I had laying around to finish it. Cheers,Patrick

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