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  • pierrot207 commented on SEB TECH DIY's instructable DIY Cyclone Dust Collector1 year ago
    DIY Cyclone Dust Collector

    Hello,Great job, and really smart idea to include a LED system ! One question : can you feel a difference of suction (or airflow) between your shop vac alone and shop vac + cyclone system ???Thanks,Pierre

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  • pierrot207 commented on EvanKale's instructable Modular Arduino Power Cube3 years ago
    Modular Arduino Power Cube

    Good trick to power 5V modules with lower voltage ! Yet I wonder how the small step-up & charging module can manage the charge of the battery'ies). Is it mandatory to use 3.7V ? What happens if you supply with 3V using 2x AA NiMH ? I doubt it is suitable for any battery technology whose charge process is really different (NiMH/LiPo) ? Can you share the reference or datasheet about charging module ?

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