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  • pmb8881 commented on supersoftdrink's instructable Cardboard Play Dome7 months ago
    Cardboard Play Dome

    I had made the dome house a few years ago for my daughter. It was so cool! I don't have it any more because I made it in the front room and my husband eventually made us take it down! Sad but true. I have grandkids now who would love this! Here is my question! I started to cut out the triangles and don't remember them being this small. I'm thinking I might have made them bigger. Sorry, here is the question, could you tell me how to use these instructions to make this dome turn out somewhere between four to five feet high?Thank you for the dome instructions years ago, awesome!PamI can't find the dome I made but here's the front of our haunted house we created for a Halloween Party. The first year we started with cardboard. Then because it was outside we used corplast.

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  • pmb8881 commented on seamster's instructable Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)2 years ago
    Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)

    Really cool! I love puzzles and brain teasers!Can't wait to see how it goes over with my family!Thanks

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