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  • Paracord multipurpose drawstring bag

    I do have one question... can you hold a medium sized sleeping bag in it?

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  • paracord steering wheel wrap

    I've got a '99 4Runner, don't even have all or 4 wheel drive, and I live in iowa!! this should come in handy, I'll make a black or camo one soon and give updates on how driving improves from hands not being frozen to the wheel after 5 minutes of driving (yes that has happened... Twice!!) All of the leather has worn off and just the adhesive is showing now so it's all gooey and sticky, and it rubs off and it's gross. This should be a warmth and sanitary improvement!

    your local Walmart or sporting goods shop should carry the stuff, if it doesn't, Amazon carries 1,000 foot rolls!

    Holy balls, that's really pink

    looks, (*3*)... spiraly....

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