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  • Splitting Water the Easy Way

    you made me chuckle with that one..well done !

    well, that used to be true...but now we have very good ways of storing hydrogen, the simple idea of compressing hydrogen was fraught with problems due to the ease with which it permeates through the metal lattice of storage vessels, but, using that very same property,or adsorption, and covalent bonding, there are a great many ways to store it organic chemistry we store it as a hydride, Lithium Aluminium Hydride, Sodium Boron Hydride and others. It can also be disolved in solvents and adsorbed into noble metal catalyst systems, so it is not the issue it used to is the cost compared to oil that is of course the driver for it's real it may happen,just like Lithium batteries may happen, or (better) Thorium reactors ..that WILL happen...etc etc etc

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