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64 yrs. Disabled by metabolic brain issues and repeated concussions. Went from designing electromechanical position controls and high speed test equipment to daycare, hospital work, and cleaning. Now part time sexton for my church. I love buiding and repairing stuff. It just takes me much longet than usual. Happiness is how you decide to think! And I'm joyful.
  • The Frequency Shifting Hearing Aid

    I have dispcussis which means I hear a different note in each ear. A tuning fork sounds a minor third lower in my left ear than the right. Also the octaves are compressed so low notes sound sharp and high ones sound flat. I really need a way to filter sound in one ear so I hear the same pitch. I had to give up music because of this. Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News has quit his professional career from the same problem. This might be a platform from which more research on this problem could be done.

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      • The Frequency Shifting Hearing Aid