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  • rbhirsch1 commented on MaxPower1977's instructable Beer Keg Pizza Oven

    Congratulations on an ambitious build with tasty results. One tip for you to consider and one that I would personally try would be to cut out a large round circle on the floor of the pizza oven and replace it with a manual rotating disc so that you could literally spin the pizza around to make cooking on all sizes of the pizza that much easier. Heat would still be able to transfer thru and you could still place and remove the pizza with same ease. Also, have you tried searing steaks in the pizza oven? If not, first cook 1 1/2- 2 inch steaks to about 115-120 degrees in an electric oven, then place steaks in your 800-1000 degree oven for 1 minute a side. I welcome your comments. Thank you. skip

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