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  • Control PC Wirelessly With Eye Blinking ;)

    Sorry.. It's a "PCEye Mini"...

    This is a great project!! I love the inventiveness demonstrated here and feel it is a very worthy experiment. And while I don't want to rain on someone parade here, I do think someone with a real spinal cord injury should be looking for more commercially proven devices. If he needs a device to control his computer he should look for something called a "PCI Mini". It is already integrated into the common devices (via USB) and is about the size of a writing pen..That aside, for the guy who just wants to do something cool and make his computer work just by blinking his eyes, this is a really cool way to do it :)

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  • rbookser commented on wartellc's instructable Cast Chess Set3 years ago
    Cast Chess Set

    This is my favorite chess set design EVER.. So in case anyone else cares (i know it's just me)...This set is a reproduction of the 1961 Ganine Salon Edition Sculptured Gothic Chess Set (#1475) "Peter Ganine was the Sculpture of merit who designed the award winning Gothic Sculpted Chess Set (earlier versions were sold as Superba Masterpiece Chessmen). The Gothic and Superba chess sets came in two sizes with the Salon edition being the more common type, and the larger sized Tournament Edition being much rarer."This is definitely from the 1961 set because the queen's headdress is has a "V" shape. It can also be seen in several episodes of the original Star Trek series so that's kind of cool too... So yeah.. it's a pretty famous set..And I know... no one cares but me :)

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