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  • reelzfx commented on Nelson_Yepez's instructable FAKE GLASS BOTTLE / SUGAR GLASS2 years ago

    hey was thinking of using this for plates and cups in my new movie, we have a scene where the husband gets plates and stuff thrown at him by the wife, is this something that would work for that, I was thinking of taking plates and cups from my cupboard and using them to make the moldalso where do you get the stuff to make the mold, micheals?

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  • Washable, Non-staining Stage Blood by the Gallon

    I did try to make this, i am stuck midway.I used2 28 ounce bottles of orange detergent (non bleach)1 bottle of blue dish detergentapproximately 20 ounces of poster paint red1 jar of peanut butter4 tablespoons of chocolate syrupAny suggestions, I would hate to waste this goop as I feel I am close, if you look at the photos you will see that one bucket is redder and that is because I poured some into a smaller bucket and mixed more red in, but how much red has to be mixed in! I have already gone through 2 containers of red poster paint, maybe some food coloring?Thanks for any responses, our production is sunday night!NONE of the photos are altered, thats how it looks in real life right now

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