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  • rikardo1979 commented on darthwolf's instructable Wooden Raspberry Pi box with fan2 years ago
    Wooden Raspberry Pi box with fan

    Nice case. But why would you have such big fan or fan at all fitted on RPi?I have a few myself from day one they released the 1st version, but never have a need to fit a fan or any kind of heatsink on it.

    Can't agree more on this ;)

    I run my RPis 24/7, some has been on for months if not whole year :) I have it in closed plastic enclosure which is bad too. No issues with overheating at all, I can assure you I am in XBian Team which you probably recognize as Kodi distro, so pretty much same as OE you using ;) And RPi3, which I use too, is not running that hot even under heavy FHD 1080p/DTS playback/strem

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  • How to Convert Raspberry Pi Into HI FI Audio System Using RuneAudio

    good idea. Appart from using audio out on RPi so we not really talking HiFi here ;)You should really avoid on board audio out and use decent DAC either on GPIO or USB

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