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  • riwai commented on solar world's instructable Free Reusable Bags2 years ago
    Free Reusable Bags

    check out the bags that rice comes in. Kokuho Rose (short-grain sticky white rice) 15-pound bags are red and white, attractive, and ridiculously sturdy plastic. if you don't want 15 pounds of rice, ask your Asian friends or at a Chinese or sushi restaurant. actually I have 3 bags that I would be happy to send to someone! is there a way to contact me privately to give me your address?

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  • riwai commented on Yomamakaren's instructable TREASURE QUILT2 years ago

    I've never used printable fabric, is there a particular brand you recommend? This comes in a flat paper packet with the other printer papers? Does the ink survive repeated washings? I'd appreciate more info about that step. I've seen quilts like the front of this one but the clues on the back are a terrific idea, thanks for sharing!

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  • riwai commented on IbniH's instructable Gutter Garden2 years ago
    Gutter Garden

    do the roots grow into the mesh? is the soil deep enough for the roots to grow? I've done gutter gardening with just soil and some pebbles in the bottom and it is a huge hassle to water it daily because it dries out so quickly! I'd like to try this.

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  • riwai commented on momoluv's instructable How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!2 years ago
    How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!

    thanks for sharing this. I've done egg white masks but would never have thought to make pore strips like this. also you have beautiful eyes!

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