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  • This Footstool Is a Better Way to Use the Toilet

    Lol! Nothing wrong with feeling pretty! Been there, done that! You only live once! Have fun! 70 years young at heart!!!

    You got it right! Doctors are not infallible! They don't know it all! It's right to get a second opinion if it doesn't make sense to you or help your condition. Get as straight as you can, and have skid marks from now on! LOL!

    I used to get hemorrhoids from forcing myself to relieve myself of hard stool after eating cheese. When I found out about "squatting", it made my life so much easier and the hemorrhoids disappeared! Squatting is the natural way!! No more grunting and spending 10-20 minutes on the Lou. I'm in and out of the bathroom in minutes now! I use a small wooden box to put my feet on that works for me. I will build one of these soon. Thanks! Common sense says that's the way it was done WAY back when our ancestors roam the world in ancient times and had to use leaves to wipe with. Even Dr. OZ had this topic on his show and it was highly recommended! It's legitimate information folks. Try it, you won't regret it! It's not Poo, Poo info!

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