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  • How to Increase Sensitivity of Inductive Proximity Sensors

    I'm going to give this a try on my CNC Router and my EZABL on my 3D printer. Great Idea, Thanks.

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  • CNC Vacuum Table

    I like you design concept and a few suggestions should be in order. MDF is Extremely Porous and might have performed better if you would have painted it on all of the sides after machining and you don't need nearly as many holes. Also I'd try using a Vacuum Pump instead of a Vacuum Cleaner. My Vacuum Pump will Pull Down on average by 24 Inches of vacuum without any issues and hold it there once I close my valve and shut my pump off. I gave up on MDF entirely and switched over to a Square One inch thick piece of HDP Plastic that was 8" x 8". I could have purchase the same type of Hold Down, but why not build your own as I did with my Openbuilds C-Beam XL which I have now added a 4th Axis too.

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  • It would have been nice if you had explained to everyone how this design works. It's known as the Coanda Effect and the Best Part is that it is the reason that Dyson hasn't Patented their Bladeless Fan Design. As the Coanda Effect was demonstrated in 1800 by English Inventor Thomas Young and later Patented by Henri Coanda. Therefore Dyson can't Patent something that has been in the Public Domain for more than 100 Years. Also, wouldn't a 120V Server Fan with a Rheostat to control the Fan Speed be a much easier way of doing things. I really do like your ingenuity though in Replicating the Dyson Bladeless Fan as it shows those of us who are Tinkerers that a lot of the stuff out in the marketplace is exorbitantly Over-Priced.

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  • I must have asked this question a couple of hundred times over the past 3 months on so many forums that I've lost count. Finally, everything has been answered. Maybe now I can actually cut something on my CNC Router.

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  • If you checkout EBAY, you should have zero problem finding a 3 to 4 watt Laser Module along with an included driver. This will enable one to easily engrave Wood, Leather as well as Card Stock with no problem. For Software one should checkout PicEngraver and it's sister programs which will enable perfect engraving.

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