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  • Bryan:Thanks for looking into this for me. I don't have a windows machine I can run Arduino on, so wasn't able to try that. Guess it's good to know there are some differences between the two IDE applications depending on which OS you are on. Great project! I was mainly interested in the HSV to RGB conversion. I went to the references you had and adopted it to my needs. Also realized I have common anode RGB LEDs and your circuit uses common cathode LEDs, so I got the compliment colors when I final got things running, so had to make modifications for that as well. Again thanks for your help.

    Bryan:Thanks for the response. I used the downloaded .ino file as when I copy and paste the text from the instructable I get lots of errors due to the way the intractable formats the text. I'm running Arduino IDE version 1.6.7 on the Mac OS. I did some experimentation and found that if I remove the parameters from the HSBToRGB function both in the call and the function itself and then replaced all the variables in the function with those declared at the top of the code it would compile without errors. looks like there is something with how the parameters are passed between the call and the function.

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  • Compiled your code in Arduino IDE and get "HSBToRGB was not declared in this scope", can't figure out why I get this error, any ideas?

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