• ryoung26 commented on jiripraus's instructable Spring Making / Wire Bending Machine2 months ago
    Spring Making / Wire Bending Machine

    https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-springs-in-seconds/ but notice the comment by the guy who lost control of the end of the spring wire while winding it. Spring making, particularly using improvised Field Expedient Methods, is NOT For Dummies.

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  • ryoung26 commented on derzhiarbuz's instructable The Best Sewing (cutting) Table Ever2 months ago
    The Best Sewing (cutting) Table Ever

    Welding is sewing with fire. Nice work.

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  • ryoung26 commented on franco40's instructable Plastic Vise From 2 IKEA Cutting Boards1 year ago
    Plastic Vise From 2 IKEA Cutting Boards

    From Wikipedia:"A plastic cutting boardPlastic boards are usually called PE (polyethylene) cutting boards, or HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic), the material of which these boards are made. There are basically two types of HDPE boards being made. One version is made from injection-molded plastic, while the other is HDPE from an extrusion line."Some cutting boards are extruded Polypropylene.Both of these varieties of plastic (PE and PP) are EXTREMELY difficult to glue. They resist the solvent type glues using on styrene (model kits, plexiglass), and they have low "surface energy" to bond with epoxies or other thermosets.High temperature hot melt is about as good as you can do with these materials.

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