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  • Hi, 1) I heard a woman on Rense Radio (owner of who makes these devices) advocate using near infared LEDs....Could someone please comment on LED usage?2) Has anyone noticed any therapeutic benefits from using this device?Please reply

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  • ​Has anyone tried this vs the Elmer's glue? Which method is more heavy duty? The eggs or glue... The Elmer's glue is only good for loose blackheads and only superficially removes the top black section of the impacted pore....The 20 percent salicylic acid skin peel once a week is very effective...It stings...but leave it on for 3 minutes before you take a shower....It destroys the top layer of skin but it isn't noticeable because the dead skin layer doesn't peel off until 2 days later in the shower....To deeply remove clogged pores on your nose your going to have to squeeze them...Those idiotic tools that leave an unsightly ring around the blackhead never work...

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  • I can't imagine this tasting good but if it has positive health effects I'll drink it...Just WHAT therapeutic effects could be expected? Is it an aphrodisiac.... NOVELDORK?

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