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  • sarah05148 commented on MrFixItDIY's instructable How to Restore an Old Wheelbarrow11 months ago
    How to Restore an Old Wheelbarrow

    what kind of spray paint did you use? what primer?? I didn't see a tools list. looks great , ready for fun.

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  • Simple Decorative Paper Lantern

    Glue: I believe that the glue called methyl cellulose has a quality that might change the look of you lamp if you like. Methyl Cellulose is a powder and when mixed with water dries invisible and SHRINKS the paper just enough to make it conform to the shape of the frame a bit tighter. your gentler fit looks great on your form but a more complex shape might benefit from a tighter fit. The powder can be found in book binder supplies or a craft store that sells specialty papers. a very little bit of the powder goes a long way. a spot welder would be lovely too. there is an instructable for that.

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