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  • sauljuliao followed mdeudon2 years ago
      • Low cost reliable & powerfull laser engraver
      • Another infinite table
      • LedCube "design"
  • sauljuliao commented on soilwork's instructable Heatsink for Diy laser engraver2 years ago
    Heatsink for Diy laser engraver

    Great instructable. But one thing I noticed was the drilling. You were wearing gloves while holding the part.You should never wear gloves near a drill press or milling machine. Hold the part in a vise.I have seen gloves come right off someones hand and wrap around the drill. It happens so fast, in a blink of an eye. It seems you had a pair of good gloves, which means a couple of broken fingers instead of the glove coming off.SAul

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