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  • saxondale commented on diggoryrush's instructable Retro-Mod - Bluetooth Speaker Madness10 months ago
    Retro-Mod - Bluetooth Speaker Madness

    Well done, I hope your sister likes it. You treated the radio with respect as well. I'm thinking of trying a project like this when I can find the right radio - ie a cheap one that is beyond restoring and good for a repurposing project as you did.

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  • Bottle Cutting With a Soldering Iron

    Looks interesting, thanks for sharing. I remember seeing this done on a TV documentary by a guy making a living from it in Brazil. He was turning large jars he recovered from land fill into salad bowls and he used an old record turntable to turn the jars with a small flame mounted at the side to heat the glass, which he then dunked in a bowl of cold water.

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  • saxondale commented on bekathwia's instructable WiFi Weather Display with ESP82661 year ago
    WiFi Weather Display with ESP8266

    I love the elegant simplicity of this. Your use of the shadow boxes for displays in this and other projects is not something I would have thought of, and has given me some ideas.Have you thought of maybe incorporating a temp sensor like the DS18B20 into this to get your actual outside temperature? I have one outside my study window on a thin wire that fits through the closed window without obstructing the rubber seal.Excellent work, you write some of the clearest Instructables I have seen so far.

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  • saxondale commented on diy_bloke's instructable Mini weather station with Attiny851 year ago
    Mini weather station with Attiny85

    I have done this successfully on the ESP8266 with the Dallas DS18B20 sensor and it works fine when waking from a WiFi.forceSleepBegin(). This seems to extend battery life a lot, I have avoided to the full on deep sleep for now (had some problems with a dodgy sketch I uploaded that put it into deepsleep to quickly and I the struggled to upload a new sketch).

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