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  • saxondale commented on MisterM's instructable VHS Library Pi Security Camera3 months ago
    VHS Library Pi Security Camera

    I like the mix of modern tech and retro in your projects. Two of my favourite authors on that shelf too - David Mitchell and Murakami !Might have a go at something like this, though once you start adding on the cost of extras like usb and hdmi adapters and SD card etc, the Pi Zeros sometimes don't seem much cheaper to me than something like a Pi 2 that you can sometimes pick up on ebay with an SD card for under £20.

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  • Retro-Mod - Bluetooth Speaker Madness

    Well done, I hope your sister likes it. You treated the radio with respect as well. I'm thinking of trying a project like this when I can find the right radio - ie a cheap one that is beyond restoring and good for a repurposing project as you did.

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  • Bottle Cutting With a Soldering Iron

    Looks interesting, thanks for sharing. I remember seeing this done on a TV documentary by a guy making a living from it in Brazil. He was turning large jars he recovered from land fill into salad bowls and he used an old record turntable to turn the jars with a small flame mounted at the side to heat the glass, which he then dunked in a bowl of cold water.

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  • saxondale commented on bekathwia's instructable WiFi Weather Display with ESP82662 years ago
    WiFi Weather Display with ESP8266

    I love the elegant simplicity of this. Your use of the shadow boxes for displays in this and other projects is not something I would have thought of, and has given me some ideas.Have you thought of maybe incorporating a temp sensor like the DS18B20 into this to get your actual outside temperature? I have one outside my study window on a thin wire that fits through the closed window without obstructing the rubber seal.Excellent work, you write some of the clearest Instructables I have seen so far.

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  • saxondale commented on diy_bloke's instructable Mini weather station with Attiny852 years ago
    Mini weather station with Attiny85

    I have done this successfully on the ESP8266 with the Dallas DS18B20 sensor and it works fine when waking from a WiFi.forceSleepBegin(). This seems to extend battery life a lot, I have avoided to the full on deep sleep for now (had some problems with a dodgy sketch I uploaded that put it into deepsleep to quickly and I the struggled to upload a new sketch).

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