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  • sbmull commented on sbmull's instructable One component radio clock time transmitter2 years ago
    One component radio clock time transmitter

    Thanks for trying out my code! I have a solar powered wavecepter too. It is the best watch I've ever had. Works flawlessly and never needs batteries. You can always for your signal on a scope just to make sure things looks like the ought to. Also, you might want to try a longer wire for an antenna. The signal is very low, 60khz, and does not get much energy out of a non-resonant antenna. The longer the wire, the closer it will be to resonant and the more RF you will get out. Also, the 60khz is being generated from the on board RC oscillator which can drift. You can calibrate the oscillator to about 1% or so of true value if you need to. See AVR053 from Atmel. Have fun!

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