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I was born in the Chicago, Illinois and spent my formative years in a small community known as Wonder Lake. I moved to Greers Ferry. Arkansas while I was in high school. I joined the Navy as a Photographer and retired after 20 years as a Petty Officer First Class Photographers Mate. I now live in the San Diego, California. What are you doing to be GREEN?


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  • Thom's Pumpernickel Bread

    I don’t know what say about gluten… when I do an online translation of gluten free bread (where it comes up for most people) it just translates to pan sin gluten.Gluten - a little goes a long way to improving the elasticity and rise of the raw dough and the crumb and chewiness in the final loaves. It it a protein that is refined from wheat flour. It is optional in the recipe but the final bread won’t have the same texture. As far as the setting on the bread machine. I think it was the basic bread setting because I only used the machine to mix and initial raise. I no longer have the bread machine so I can only suggest mixing buy hand and doing one raise, punch it down and let it raise a second time. Good luck.

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  • Gardening From the Grocery Store - MANGOS

    Good evening 28Special. I no longer have the mango tree but I did give it to a co-worker. it has bloomed for the last five or six years and this is the third year in a row that she has gotten fruit. The blooms are no very impressive and the fruit are still much smaller that what you get in the store but she says they taste great. Every year it gets a little bigger and a little more fruit. She has it planted in her yard and is very happy with it.

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