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  • I added some buttons at the bottom of the screen so I can dim or brighten the screen. I have a 3d printer and made a wall plate for it so I can mount it in my wall. It will just barely fit into a single gang box.

    I got this to work, thank you.Instead of writing numbers in a box can you tell me if I can change a button's background color based on if a certain digital input is hi or low in the Arduino? Or an analog input, can it change colors that way also?Thanks again

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  • thank you so much for this. I am not a programmer and I have been struggling with this Nextion 2.4 for about a week now. I do a lot of copying and pasting. I could never get their sketchs to compile either. But now with your help I can press a button on the screen and watch my Arduino change state. FINALLY! It shouldn't be this hard. Thank you - I feel like I am finally making some progress now.

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