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I have been married to the same wonderful man, Billy, since 1978. I have two sons, William and Nathan, and a miniature blue and tan piebald dachshund named Sweetie Pie. I work part time in our family business and also for Weight Watchers. I am Christian and thank God daily for my many blessings.
  • Clean a bottle without a brush

    I purchased a gallon jug at a yard sale that had some kind of very unattractive brown residue all in it, with the bottom being especially gunky. After trying both hot soapy water and apple cider vinegar with minimal results, I tried this method using more rice due to the size of the jug. It worked great on the sides but the bottom needed more work. Reasoning that I needed more abrasive, I rinsed it out, added more dry rice (without any detergent), some Comet cleanser, a little water and swirled in around. In less than a minute, the bottom was clean. I am tickled I was able to get such great results with items I already had on hand!

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