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Wood Crafts. I get most of my Ideas from Pinterest and Esty and on a lot of items I might change to better suit me to make my patterns.Great retirement Hobby

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  • shakerj65 commented on RushNafikov's instructable A Beverage Dispenser2 years ago
    A Beverage Dispenser

    I made this one and I changed to whole process that others made. You have two choices, Drill a vent hole on top of the bottle and use that also as your refill port or look closely at my bottle.You will see a red hose and hat goes down to my pour vent tube that allows constant flow.This way I can use any bottle I want without refilling. Where u see my bottle attached to the top, inside I glued my spout. only problem is I made this container before I realized what I had to do. Next one I will make much smaller !! But you turn that upside down to connect bottle used 1/2 clear tubing to connect to spout and also had the fitting to attach to my spigot.It works perfectly.Easiest way, Just make a stand to hold bottle and use the same method but it will all be exposed.

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