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    PVC Chicken Waterer

    you could build little "awnings" over them, at steep enough angles, that the birds could not get a grip, it also helps keep them from fouling their own water, as they typically do.Remember, also, to add apple cider vinegar, just a little, to their water, as it supports so much goodness in their diet.

    That is great. I'm happy that you feel that way. It may be anecdotal, but it's what works for me. I've had far better results, using it, than when I was not using it. I didn't post here to make a frigging argument. I posted my opinion. It's my opinion, and you can spend the rest of your life refuting or proving it. I really don't care, what science has proven. Millions of folks who keep chickens, do this routinely, for the health of their flock. And, I will continue to recommend it. Are you going to follow me around, and refute it, every time I recommend it, because it's what works for me? IT WORKS FOR ME.

    Years of raising fowl. I can't say where I originally learned it, it was too long ago. Likely from the local farmer's co-op. But, if you google it, you'll get lots of hits. My experience goes from raising them, to performing surgery on my own birds, including caponizing them. Chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, geese, etc.I'm not what I consider an expert, by any means. I'm just very experienced. Check on, for better advice than I can give. But, you're likely to get the same answers there.I simply add a couple of ounces to every bucket of water.

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