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  • I originally built with a Pi2B, and it was fine for the simple games like pacman and kong, but lagged badly with the sprite games such as street fighter and similar. The Pi3 has no such issues but I did have a lot of problems getting the sound to work.

    There is a link in the instructable, though you can also get them from ebay and similar.

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  • No, there is more of a difference than just the voltage (the power supplies are actually dual voltage anyway); the input interfaces are different (not all other countries have cable TV for example). You must use the correct image for the country you are in, as it contains configuration information as well.

    I only have an image for an AU/NZ Model 3. You don't say which one you need, but since you use the word 'bucks' I would assume you are in the US. You might be able to get a copy of the image by asking on the Tivo community forum at

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  • I only have an image for an AU/NZ Model 3. You can get pre-initialised drives from, or you might be able to get a copy of the image by asking on the Tivo community forum at

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  • Sorry, I only have images for UK and AU/NZ. You might like to ask in the Tivo forums on , or else check out who can provide pre-loaded disks if you're in the US.

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  • Sounds like a failed capacitor. Look for blown ones, leaky or slightly swollen, and replace them. That might fix the issue (it did with mine)

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  • Sorry, but I have no idea what the stuff is. Looks like some sort of sillicone sealant (like the stuff I use in the bathroom...) but I can't say for sure. In any case, it obviously isn't essential for the operation of the TiVo, so likely can be left out...

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  • @nghosh - That's a good match; same uF, same voltage rating, same temperature rating.

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  • The main difference between capacitors will be in voltage, and tolerance. Never replace a capacitor with one of a different uF rating; and never use one with a lower voltage rating (higher is OK). You should also try to match the tolerence.

    As well as voltage differences, we have different frequency spectra for broadcast. However, I think this is controlled in the software rather than the motherboard.

    ... with the tolerance, use a lower if necessary, but never higher. The tolerance is how inaccurate the rating is. See

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  • My awesome cyberstalking skills tell me that you're in the US (Massachusetts or however its spelt), so yours is likely to be the US model of the Series 3 -- I've been working on the Au/NZ model. It's good to have a list of the replacement parts required for the US model. Identifying any failed capacitors visually can be done the same way as with the Au/NZ of course - look for bulging or leaking capacitors to indicate failure.

    Thanks for the information! I've only been able to open up 3 TiVos here, and they all had the same model power supply, but of course there will be changes as time goes on.Is your TiVo a recent Au/NZ model, or a US Series 3?Steve

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  • I was also wondering if the RPi3 would do better - many of the sprite-based games do not run fast enough under RpiB, or therir sound does not work. I have not heard of anyone doing this yet, though. Maybe one day I'll upgrade my table to an RPi3 and if I do I'll post here.

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