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3CommentsLC, New Mexico
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  • I'm confused: you say that this, "removes any extra nutrients, lowers total dissolved solids (tds), and the left over peat moss tea can be very useful for you carnivorous plants."But isn't using the "peat moss tea", just putting the tds, bacteria, and the extra nutrients right back into the peat that you have now used to plant your carnivorous plant in? Just wondering......... :-)

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  • susielsd commented on amalkhan's instructable How to Distill Water

    Hi, I just want to know if this finished "product" would read 0 - 2 TDS on my TDS meter, so it would be safe enough to use on my Carnivorous Plants? Because I am sick and tired of buying it from the store and then having to lug it into my home, I have health issues that make having to do this hard on me...Does anyone know the answer to this?Thank you

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