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I am a hardworking seasoned professional with 20 plus years in Office Management, with working knowledge of Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, QuickBooks, Yardi and other job related software programs. After work I enjoy working in my garden, taking a break and relaxing in my garden with a beverage. Another past time favorite is watching a little TV after dinner then going to bed with a good read before falling asleep. In my off time I enjoy Going RV'ing with my husband in our 5th wheel usually t…
  • This is a lovely idea but not so sure as to using them for coasters. There is nothing to absorb the moisture from your glass and there is no lip to keep it within the coaster.

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  • Again as I stated before it is the oil in the mayo. I have used just regular vegetable oil to remove pine sap from my car. The lemon/vinegar in mayo could damage some paint finishes on some cars.

    If your mayo is made with lemon this will be oaky but if it is made with vinegar it may damage the plant. Vinegar is a natural weed killer and if you are not careful when using it in your garden and get any on your plants it will kill them.

    Basically what all of these other uses that refer to moisturizing skin or conditioning hair - it is from the oil, which is normally soybean, that is used to make mayo. I keep a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in my bathroom to use as a makeup remover and moisturizer.

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