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  • tafelice commented on ulikunkel's instructable French Drain With Dry Well1 year ago
    French Drain With Dry Well

    You're in some serious Cliff Claven territory here. Great bit of trivia.

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  • tafelice commented on chrisnotap's instructable Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap2 years ago
    Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

    I heard talc on the sides keep a lot of bugs from climbing. very slippery.

    Fantastic idea. I wasn't halfway through and I was thinking of a 4" PVC, with an end cap at one end. maybe the rocker not a drill though but a fulcrum so that it accommodates a bigger pest. since you can't see through it make you could make a little leaning stick at one end that would fall and tell when it was rocked up. I'm dreaming of getting rid of all those things that bother my garden, garbage, flowers, dig holes. you could figure it to attach to trees. screw the karma, i'll take possum free anyday. You know what they say about Karma. If you do harm to someone or something, the laws of Karma assure you, "they had it coming."

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