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  • Jackie Kennedy's Amazing Waffles

    not being american i have no idea what cake flour is. i guess its a bit like your bisquick is flour and shortening pre mixed?

    i just use self raising flour rather than plain flour. easier than having to mix in the baking powder first thing in the morning when my eyes are still half shut lol

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  • Jackie Kennedy's Amazing Waffles

    that is how i make my waffles. except i always put in a generous splash of vanilla extract. takes them another level.

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  • tailsnz commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 10 Woodworking Tricks the Pros Use1 year ago
    10 Woodworking Tricks the Pros Use

    well i am glad i had a look at this after all. the sandpaper storage is ideal and yes i wish i had thought of something so simple lol. i have an entire drawer devoted to sandpaper and as i am fairly messy by nature it always turns into a hunt to get the correct grit. since i retired though, i rarely take on new commissions and the shop is now at home with even less space to make a mess.

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  • tailsnz commented on jimustanguitar's instructable De-Rust Your Old Table Saw2 years ago
    De-Rust Your Old Table Saw

    so true. why do people think wd40 is a lubricant?

    good instructable and decent advice. i see people telling others to use a coarse sandpapaer which ruins the level of the bed. we didn't have paste wax when i trained and used a standard white candle which we rubbed on the metal and then polished off. a bit of elbow grease but it did put a really nice protective finish on the iron (but as an apprentice you always got the worst jobs lol)

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  • tailsnz commented on buck2217's instructable Making woodwork more affordable2 years ago
    Making woodwork more affordable

    as a cabinet maker i agree wood in nz is expensive. but i get the majority of my native timber from my local demolition place. i prefer the 4x2 stud material which has only been nailed down the sides. split that in half with a bandsaw and you have clean 4x1's. its also a fraction of the price of new timber and no trees had to be felled. also perfectly seasoned.

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  • tailsnz commented on Wood Review's instructable How to Make a Wave Table2 years ago
    How to Make a Wave Table

    lovely i admire your tenacity it created a beautiful piece

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  • tailsnz commented on akullerkann's instructable Homemade card scrapers3 years ago
    Homemade card scrapers

    dead right.... i have never bought a cabinet scraper, yet as a professional furniture maker of many years i have used them constantly. my favourite is a scraper/putty knife which i dont even take the handle off. just flatten the edge and put a burr on it when needed.

    you are presuming that the steel in old saws, scrapers etc is rubbish metal??? they are made of the same high tensile material that they make scraper blades from. in over 30 years as a furniture maker i have on,y ever used this type of scraper and have never had a problem with getting a good burr.

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